About Us

We are the Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime, an alliance of public and private partners determined to help improve the fight against financial crime


Founded in 2018, the coalition brings together different parts of the anti-financial crime ecosystem, and with this collective expertise it blends best-in-class approaches to financial crime management, risk intelligence, law enforcement, public-private information sharing and thought leadership on fighting financial crime, including money laundering.


The main objectives of the Coalition are to:

  • Raise global awareness of financial crime as a critical challenge with grave financial and human consequences
  • Promote more effective information sharing between public and private entities
  • Propose mechanisms to identify emerging threats and best practice approaches to more robust controls against money laundering
  • Identify pressure points in the current anti-money laundering/counter-terrorist framework and propose solutions to these.

Our mission


We raise awareness
of financial crime as a critical challenge with grave financial and human consequences


We will bring together the world’s top experts and best public and private financial crime fighting organisations


We will drive for the creation and adoption of stronger international regulations to address financial crime.


We will change the course of financial crime and fight to make the world a better place.

Our leadership

John Cusack


John Cusack is the first Chair of the Coalition, having been elected by Members in October 2020. He was previously Global MLRO at UBS and Standard Chartered Bank and two-time Co-Chair of the Wolfsberg Group. He is an adviser to a number of financial institutions and RegTech providers, and engages with NGOs combating corruption, fraud, wildlife and human trafficking. 

Che Sidanius

Vice Chair

Che Sidanius is the Vice Chair of the Coalition, and is the Global Head of Financial Crime & Industry Affairs at LSEG. He is also the  Co-Chair of the B20’s Integrity and Compliance Taskforce. Prior to joining LSEG, his work experiences include being a Senior Advisor to the Bank of England’s Financial Stability Directorate and previously a Senior Bank Examiner at the Federal Reserve Bank of NY. His most notable awards included receiving the Presidential Award for managing the 2007-09 Financial Crisis and a driving force behind LSEG’s Impact Company of the year award in 2019 and contributor to the same award in 2021. 

Our members

We are proud to present our members who are an integral part of the coalition. Find out more about our members here.

A global organisation

From Day 1 of its existence, the Coalition recognised the need for it to operate as globally as possible. To this aim, it has established five regional chapters in Europe, the Americas, MENA, Sub-Saharan Africa and APAC. The coalition will continue to expand to further regions in the coming years.

Our focus

The Coalition does not have a limited number of focus areas, recognising the breadth of the financial crime space. However, our eight working groups showcase our ability to bring together experts within a specific field to advocate for change. 

Financial Crime Fighter Award

The Coalition is responsible for the Financial Crime Fighter of the Year award since 2021. The award recognises outstanding leadership in the field of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing, for example, in the prevention or detection of financial crime or financial crime harm reduction or in collaboration and or innovation, in the public, private or civil society sectors. Nominations and voting to decide the final outcome are carried out via the Members of the GCFFC and the many experts that work with the GCFFC.


The previous winners of the award can be found here.

Secretary General

Grace Marshall

The Secretary- General is Grace Marshall who joined the Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime in 2023. Prior to joining the coalition, Grace had worked for two venture capital companies, including the global investment company Antler, and was the operations manager of Sthlm Fintech Week, Sweden’s largest Fintech event.

Executive Committee Member

Michal Gromek

Michal Gromek serves as an expert on Virtual Assets for the OSCE and the UNODC. He conducts government training and legislative reviews, and has  previously held the role of Chief Compliance Officer at a Nasdaq Trade Virtual Asset Service Provider. He is also a contributor to Forbes and has a background in fintech education and blockchain investigation.

The GCFFC's Executive Committee

Day to day management of the work of the GCFFC is carried out by the standing Executive Committee made up of John Cusack (Chair), Che Sidanius (Vice-chair), Grace Marshall (Secretary - General) and Michal Gromek (Chair of Digital Assets). The ExCo meets weekly. 

A wider GCFFC leadership team of the ExCo plus the Chairs and Vice Chairs of all GCFFC Groups coordinates the work of the group.