Led by Gretta Fenner, this group focuses on tackling corruption in the fight against financial crime.

About Us

The Anti – Corruption working group of the GCFFC is lead by Gretta Fenner from the Basel Institute on Governance. The group focuses on how to improve the tracking of compliance with corruption commitments made particularly by the G7 and OECD and on developing a framework by which corruption commitments and the positive corruption outcomes can be measured. 

The group also argues for the reform of, and increased transparency, in beneficial ownership of legal entities and legal arrangements, including the establishment of corporate registries with access to law enforcement agencies and regulated entities.


Gretta Fenner

Gretta Fenner is the Managing Director of the Basel Institute on Governance and Director of its International Centre for Asset Recovery. She has pioneered innovative tools like unexplained wealth legislation and built the Institute’s expertise in private-sector integrity and environmental crime. Formerly at the OECD and advising governments and organizations worldwide, Gretta is a political scientist with degrees from Freie Universität Berlin and Sciences Po Paris, complemented by an MBA from Curtin University Graduate School of Business.


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