The World Economic Forum System Initiative on Shaping the Future of Digital Economy and Society represents a global platform for multistakeholder coalitions from across the world to collaborate and accelerate progress against shared digital economy goals and to shape a digital future that is sustainable, inclusive and trustworthy. This future requires leaders to build and foster institutions that meet the challenges of cybersecurity and help to mitigate cyber-risk across our shared networks.

Cyber-risk is and will continue to be one of the most pressing challenges accompanying the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Leaders across the public and private sectors appreciate that mitigating this risk requires continued collaboration. The Forum has led discussions on this topic since 2012 and this year will be inaugurating the Global Cyber Centre as a platform to continue advancing cyber resilience.

Collaboration is often difficult in the sphere of cybersecurity. Not only has technological innovation begun to implicate core societal values, the interdisciplinary dialogue required to collaborate and make progress often spans across many competencies, from the technical to the ethical.

To help frame discussion for leaders in both the public and private sectors, as part of the World Economic Forum System Initiative on Shaping the Future of Digital Economy and Society, the Forum has partnered with The Boston Consulting Group to develop a baseline framework to serve as a springboard for cooperation and shared understanding in cybersecurity policy-making. This report is the result of extensive collaboration, debate, consultation, and iteration to distil complex and nuanced issues in cybersecurity to their irreducible core.

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