Digital Assets

The digital assets task force focuses on financial crime risks associated with digital assets such as cryptocurrencies.

About Us

The Digital Asset Task Force is committed to breaking down the silos between “traditional” and “crypto” domains, recognising the merging of these worlds in the context of organised crime and money laundering. The group strives to provide specialised crypto expertise to law enforcement and private sector AML compliance teams, adapting to the technical nuances of blockchain-based technologies and evolving criminal trends.


The mission is to combat these crimes by fostering collaboration across sectors and utilising blockchain technology to disrupt criminal activities. To achieve this, the task force prioritises increasing public and private sector crypto literacy through capacity building and clear communication. The group fosters closer cooperation between public entities, law enforcement, and crypto asset service providers to expedite investigations and asset freezing, thus ensuring a safer digital financial landscape.


Michal Gromek

Michal Gromek serves as an expert on Virtual Assets for the OSCE and the UNODC. He conducts government training and legislative reviews, and has  previously held the role of Chief Compliance Officer at a Nasdaq Trade Virtual Asset Service Provider. He is also a contributor to Forbes and has a background in fintech education and blockchain investigation. 




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11 June