The European Regional Chapter is headed by Ilze Znotina and focuses on fighting financial crime across the entire European continent.


As Europe undergoes its most significant legislative and regulatory shift in recent memory to address its recognized shortcomings, the European regional chapter of the GCFFC is lead by Ilze Znotina to help address the challenges that Europe faces. 


The Europe Chapter has an accomplished pedigree with its history of promoting public-private partnerships into the legislative frameworks to the European Union and reframing the UK’s Data Privacy Legislation. Major achievements include the advising of the European Commission, the European Parliament and Member States to adopt key provisions such as data privacy and public registry reform that were adopted as part of the AML legislative package.


The European Regional Chapter is headed by Ilze Znotina. The GCFFC would like to thank also it’s inaugural chair Che Sidanius for his leadership of the Europe Chapter from 2020-2023.


Ilze Znotina

With over 25 years of legal expertise, Ilze Znotina specialises in financial monitoring, sanctions policy, anti-money laundering, and counterterrorism financing. From 2018 to 2022, she served as Latvia’s Financial Intelligence Unit Head, revolutionising the nation’s AML/CFT/Sanctions framework, and was the lead of the delegation to Moneyval and FATF. Ilze Znotina holds a CAMS certificate, and has been instrumental in  enhancing AML/CFT systems, and supporting national FIUs and central banks in implementing financial sanctions.


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