Experts on Technology

This group focuses on how technology can aid the fight against financial crime

About Us

The working group of Experts on Technology was formed to highlight:

  • Non exclusive examples of leading practices which offer real opportunities to improve the effectiveness in fighting financial crime, both in the public sectors (for example in law enforcement, intelligence and or in supervision) and in the private sectors (for example in banking, other FIs, fintechs and other (in particular regulated) sectors).
  • Areas of the fighting financial crime eco system that would benefit most from available technology upgrades
  • The key enablers and blockers to the above, including cost, transparency, regulatory acceptance and or requirements, privacy challenges, and cloud services

The group has initially focussed on 2 areas, namely how Artificial Intelligence can help and secondly how utilities can assist. Both areas are at an advanced stage and draft papers are being reviewed and consulted upon.


Co - Chair David Wilson

David Wilson is an accomplished CEO with 15+ years of executive business leadership experience, who has unlocked potential and growth of businesses via M&A, NPD and strategic changes. After 16 years with LexisNexis, he is now the for 

Co - Chair Markus Schulz

Markus Schulz is the Group Head Financial Crimes Compliance (FCC) & Compliance lead KYC EP at ING. He is a trained banker by trade and has nearly 30 years of experience in Financial Services and since the early 2000s dedicated his career to the fight against financial crime working for a number of global Financial Institutions. Markus is the chair of the ACAMS Advisory Board, the leading global Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists. 


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