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In this interview, Nick Maxwell, Head of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) FFIS research programme, interviews privacy law expert Tanguy Van Overstraeten, Partner and Global Head of Privacy and Data Protection, at Linklaters Brussels. 

The interview covers the tensions between the EU General Data Protection Regime (GDPR) and the EU Anti-Money Laundering framework, the opportunities to improve supervisory practices and the potential to achieve greater policy coherence.  

Guide to content timings:

00:30 to 10:44
Given the EU AML Action Plan emphasis on information-sharing, what are the most common challenges or uncertainties within EU member states in terms of information-sharing with the goal of supporting AML outcomes?

10:44 to 15:25
How can Data Protection Agencies and AML supervisors provide greater clarity to encourage information-sharing to tackle financial crime? And what good practice examples are there? 

15:25 to 19:31
What legislative or policy issues need to be considered to achieve greater coherence between financial crime prevention policy objectives and data protection policy objectives in the EU? 

An interview series supported by Refinitiv, Oliver Wyman, Western Union, the SWIFT Institute and Verafin

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