There is increasingly a consensus by financial crime experts who believe that the new frontier in fighting financial crime successfully has to be through modernising the approach, from single siloed activity, huge false positives to work through and mass reporting of low quality reports to law enforcement, to a much richer set of reports, that have much higher confidence levels of involved criminality and much greater actionable intelligence, targeting those areas that are priorities for law enforcement.

Chair of the Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime John Cusack believes that there is an opportunity to fight financial crime more effectively and protect rights to privacy and respect data protection. In this address to the International Fraud Prevention Conference 2021, John Cusack presents a case which concludes with the following remarks: “What works best is when we find the right balance. We don’t have it right now and it’s good to have this conversation and this opportunity to contribute to this debate.”

To find out more watch the video and or read a copy of his remarks.

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