The FinTech FinCrime Exchange’s (FFE) expert working groups bring together senior leaders from across our industry to discuss common trends, challenges and best practices in a Chatham House Rule setting.

The second Expert Working Group covered Fintechs and Law Enforcement, following last year’s EWG on FinTech Approaches to Sanctions Regimes. This time, we gathered 16 experts from FinTechs along with law enforcement leaders to chat about our partnerships with law enforcement.

This working group made it clear that finding the right contact or information can be tricky. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the FFE secretariat at if you need help making contact on an important law enforcement matter—this goes for law enforcement, FIUs and FinTechs. We’re happy to help you find the information you need, quickly

A sneak peek into just a few of the insights that came from our discussions, which covered FinTech best practices for receiving and responding to requests, SAR feedback, asset freezing, stay-open requests and more: 

  • Public/private partnerships and industry groups are tough nuts to crack—58% feel they’ve struggled to get traction with groups that share high-value law enforcement information

  • We hear from law enforcement a lot. Half of us receive several requests per week.

  • MLROs rarely act as the central point of contact. If you’re an MLRO, and you’re still taking all the phone calls, delegate away—today is your day!

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