GCFFC estimates proceeds from Human Trafficking at USD $498 Billion


Despite the most recent ILO update last month which shows increasing illicit profits from Modern Slavery/Human Trafficking of US$86 billion over a decade to US$236 billion, the GCFFC believes the most recent estimate is still likely an underestimate. The ILO states that US$236 billion, “is the obscene level of annual profit generated from forced labour in the world today”. 


The Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime (GCFFC) had commissioned a review of the available information, prior to the recent ILO publication, as many independent experts considered the previous estimate of US$150 billion and still the US$236 billion figures as a significant under estimate. Authors Steve Farrer, Youngbee Dale and BC Tan supported by the GCFFC are today publishing estimates for likely proceeds from Modern Slavery/Human Trafficking at US$498 billion.


For more details see the report from the authors at the following link: GCFFC_ Modern Slavery / Human Trafficking Proceeds at US$498B


For the press release, please see the following document: GCFFC_ Modern Slavery / Human Trafficking Press Release