Press Release:

On Monday 23rd October, the GCFFC convened for an in-person meeting, held at the INTERPOL headquarters in Lyon, France.

The meeting brought together leading experts on fighting financial crime from across the world, along with key representatives from INTERPOL. The meeting was opened by the Chair of the GCFFC, Mr. John Cusack, the Secretary General of INTERPOL, Mr. Jurgen Stock and the Executive Director of INTERPOL’s Partnerships and Planning division, Mr. Darrin Jones.

The purpose of the meeting of the GCFFC was to bring together the key stakeholders and leaders of the coalition to discuss current work and future priorities of the Coalition. There were updates from the Chairs of the various regional chapters and working groups, and a final workshop session focussed on creating a strong road map for the upcoming years.

More details can be read in the press release, attached below:


GCFFC INTERPOL press release – October 23rd meeting

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