Brussels, 2 June 2022 – Today, the Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime (the ‘Coalition’) is announcing a new Experts Working Group (WG) focused on technology, to review and showcase leading practices which offer real opportunities to improve the effectiveness in fighting financial crime, both in the public sectors (for example in law enforcement, intelligence and or in supervision) and in the private sectors (for example in banking, other financial institutions, fintechs and other (in particular regulated) sectors). 

The WG will be led by Co-Chairs David Wilson and Markus Schulz, with experts including Jamal Al Hindi, Chris Brannigan, Isabella Chase, Alison Clew, Jill Dyer, Mark Hanhart, Laura Hutton, Praveen Jain, Shameek Kundu, Marissa Montalbano’s, Nick Maxwell, Nishanth Nottath and Radish Singh.

For those wanting to get involved to support the Experts please contact the GCFFC secretariat:

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