The Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime

we strengthen the global fight against financial crime

estimated global proceeds of financial crime (3.6% of Global GDP)
$ 1 T
estimated total of laundered money (2.7% of Global GDP)
$ 1 T
less than 1% POC/ML sums recovered
1 %

Our objectives


We raise awareness
of financial crime as a critical challenge with grave financial and human consequences


We promote more effective information sharing between public and private entities


We propose measures to respond to existing and emerging threats with best practice approaches, which will translate into more effective responses 


We advocate for the adoption of smarter international regulations, standards and measures to better fight financial crime

Our members

We are proud to present our members, who each contribute in their own way to fighting financial crime, and together within the Coalition are committed to contributing further via collaboration and the support of others. Find out more about our members here.

Our response

See how the coalition works to establish a global anti-money laundering standard

Whilst the sophistication of financial crime rises around the world, now more than ever organisations such as the global coalition to fight financial crime are needed to bring together world experts and advocate for tangible reforms.


Be part of our international coalition.

The coalition brings together some of the best people and organisations from around the globe. If you have individual expertise to contribute to a working group or regional chapter, or head an organisation that could strengthen the coalition’s mission, we welcome you to get in touch.